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Black Creek Whiskey

Produced using the finest sourced grains from New York State, Black Creek Whiskey is crafted in a 100 year-old former monastery using naturally soft mineral water we call our "Holy Water". We are proud to say that everything about this whiskey is American, from the glass bottles that are made in Pennsylvania, to our labels being printed in Western New York, to the grain that is sourced from New York State farms. We produce Black Creek Whiskey to the highest standards.  From the first sip to the last, you can taste the smoothness and quality of our spirits.  Black Creek Bourbon and Black Creek Empire Rye are made in limited unique batches which makes them all one of a kind. We prefer you sipping them but understand why many are now collecting them.  

Hudson House Craft Distillery
Black Creek Bourbon
Black Creek Bourbon
Hudson House Distillery

The Story Behind Black Creek Whiskey

Charles and Paul purchased the former monastery in 2015 with the approval of the Vatican. Not being familiar with the area they decided to explore and came upon the Black Creek Preserve nearby which is a hiking trail 1 mile north of the Hudson House on the Hudson River. There is an iconic wooden suspension bridge that greeted them at the entrance to the trail. Both were in awe of the beauty and majestic scenery around them and while on that bridge "Black Creek Whiskey" was born.


That bridge and moment was hand drawn by our designer/artist who custom designed the entire label to pay tribute to the bridge and that special day. 

To learn more, please join them for a tour and tasting of the property.

Black Creek Bridge
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