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Altair Vodka

Al-Ta’ir “the flying eagle”

12th Brightest Star in the Night Sky

Local Non-GMO Corn (gluten free)

2X Pot Distilled & 30X Micro-Distilled 

Using Naturally Soft Mineral Water from our Artesian Well our “Holy Water”

Floral Scent & Tastes Like a Tequila or Gin

Unlike ANY Vodka on the Market


Altair Vodka
Hudson House Distillery
Altair Vodka
Altair Vodka
Altair Vodka Icon
Altair Vodka Mash

The Story Behind Altair Vodka

Who cares about another vodka? We understand the market is saturated with brands from around the world so adding one more was a no go unless we could do something so different and exceptional that would stand out on its own.


Introducing Altair Vodka, a twice pot distilled and 30X micro-distilled spirit using our naturally soft mineral water. A vodka so unique and smooth with flavor there is no need for mixers it stands on its own.  In naming the new vodka, our team assembled their ideas. The goal was to have a name that represented the property and vision and evolved from Star which was a west coast brand now migrating to the Hudson Valley. A fascinating story has unfolded in creating Altair Vodka which leads us to believe it was meant to be.


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